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Yes, glasses are sexy - original (almost) by Chronophontes

I dont know much about digital drawing or anything else but I knows how to take pics and make them to digital drawing. lol :P So here I ...



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Ronald McGear
Main computer
Specification and stuff:
Case: NZXT H2 Midi Tower Black with the "wireless" front fan connections. Love that. :D
Power: Corsair HX 850W
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
CPU: Intel LGA1155 Core i7 3770K (3,5Ghz not overclocked, about 4,5GHz safely overclocked but don't do it much since it runs good at optimal settings)
RAM: 16GB Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600 MHz (668Mhz at sleep)
Graphics: XFX Radeon HD7970 3GB 1600 MHz (Yeah can overclock this a lot)
HDD's: 120GB SSD + 2TB +2x 1TB +2x 500GB (SATA all the way)
4 disks is from previous systems. Can never have to much space. :P :D
Might toss the oldest and noisiest one (hate noise but love space).
Optical Drive: Optiarc Blue Ray Burner (Yeah and I connect computer to my TV)
Audio:Asus Xonar D2X/XDT (I got old surround system but it sound better actually).
OS:Windows 7 PRO 64bit Nordic (Gotta go PRO hehe)
Keyboard: MS SideWinder X4 (Very nice keyboard and I like the customized buttons)
Mouse: Logitech G500 (with weights, it ROCKS)
Lots of other stuff i don't write.... :D

Only thing I miss from my old system is that my old case was much more silent. Had "silent" pads on the inside of its "shell" or cabinet walls if you like to call it that. :P Also had more space inside for wires ans stuff.
Everything else is just so much better. Damn I love this new system! :D

And to all you that ain't a computer geek like me WELCOME TO MY PAGE! :D
Look around, leave a comment, give a Llama or do whatever you wanna do.


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Agr1on Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the +fav on Poison Ivy by Agr1on
wooper95 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Your most welcome! :D Fav fella (Badge) 
slowdog294 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Many thanks for the faves, my dear brother Ronald. :D
wooper95 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Most welcome, master! :D
slowdog294 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
I have been getting the numbers on your video card wrong. It is the 7970, right? That is AMD's super gaming card. It is actually a good workstation card as well. I looked into the technical papers on that beast and know why you picked it. Wonderful machine. I also looked into other elements of your system. One of the neat things I discovered was how similar the CPU's we are using turned out to be as the lithography was compared. The real difference between your chip and mine is five pins. These five pins carry hardware acceleration instructions to the PCIe bus via the north bridge which allows for Crossfire and SLI to work as 16x/16x on two slots and 16x/8x/8x on three slots. The 1150 I am installing cannot do that. It is limited to one 16x lane with two 4x lanes or three 8x lanes.

This is why the motherboard I am using is a micro ATX and not a full sized seven slot board. Long busses are not practical on a socket 1150 unless the chipset controls some of those extra slots, taking the load off the CPU. The 1155 you are using has more power in the north bridge. With socket 1150, much of this functionality has moved directly into the CPU, which means the entire platform has to scale back to achieve the faster throughput of a shorter connection. It's a trade off. Since I do not plan to OC/ROG with multiple GPUs configured for games, a single GPU on a non OC CPU will yield more than satisfactory performance. Creating content requires specialized electronics. However, your machine would do the job as well as, if not better, than mine.

I remember when I first read your profile and saw the description of your beast. It actually gave me food for thought about how a good machine is built. You made it easy to research the platform because your listing was complete. I came away thinking, "Dang. That a hella rig, man. I want one like that!" Many moons later, I came into a way to buy the parts. Tech changed in those two years. But what actually changed was five pins and 100 MHz. The lithography for a Xeon E3 and an i7 v3 are the same. The PCB and heat spreader are a tad different, but the dies are practically identical. It just goes to show that Intel got it right with your chip, and by the time mine rolled out, there were more flavors of that chip you own being labeled as newer models with a mild bump in clock speed but not enough to really matter.

Kind of reminds me of the speakers made by Paul W. Klipche. In 1947, he invented the perfect folded horn three way system that, if properly installed in the listening space, could not only reach deafening levels across eleven octaves with only ten watts of power, but could also do it with practically NO audible distortion. As far as I know, this design cannot be and has not been improved. This speaker is still being built today. It is also a yardstick by which most others are judged for accuracy and efficiency. Yes, they are big. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, the room has to fit them. But man, do they sound GOOD. So good that you can master records (CD's) on them and KNOW what you hear is what you get. Our computers are built like that. Built to last, yes.
wooper95 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Yeah 7970 is the one I have. Not the dual but the single one, link: graphics-cards.electronicsnif.…
Your correct about the processor as I think I mentioned its very similar to yours.
Built just a bit different for handling hardware acceleration instructions as you pointed out.

Before I purchased this system in 2012 I looked carefully through the different hardware.
Got a couple pro tips from a friend that build systems and also builded a couple systems for game companies.
And them game companies demand a lot of fancy stuff he told me.
I just said "I bet them paid a lot too!" he replied "Hell yeah!". :P
Well I can't afford the top best so he tipped me off some for my price budget.
He was busy as he always is so I looked around a bit myself.
Found a couple hardware I liked and suited what I was looking for and that become the system I have.

I like the mother board (Sabertooth Z77) and it got nice cooling system.
As you pointed out is mostly builded for gaming, thinking of the other hardware I got with it.
But also good for some photo/video editing, work or multitasking.
I am still proud of this system. :D

I like to set up a list so it is easy to read what I actually got.
Also for them that has a bit clue about hardware can look up and check it out.
So I like to mention a bit more than "Yeah, I got an graphic card, CPU, HDD, MB, Power and stuff!".

Sometimes at work I make "easy to read" manuals so people don't have to read a fat 1000 pages book only to find just one line on how to solve the problem.
Some meant for the tech guys that knows a bit more and some meant for users that don't know that much.
If anyone need more info them can always get the big fat manual. :P

Cool facts about Paul W. Klipche, did not know about him.
And that we still build those awesome speakers is actually neat.
Perfect example that old stuff can be good stuff.

With my computer I got a Logitech THX 5.1 surround speakers, link:…
Is far away from the speakers your talking about but it gives nice sound for a "middle priced" speaker system.
With my TV in the living room I got bigger ones, costume made ones I got from a friend that builded them.
No clue about what the parts in them is other than them sound crystal clear! :D
I am not that good at knowing what it actually is and my friend did not wanna tell, "top secret" he said.
Anyways I not planning on replacing them until them broke, something I don't think them do in a long time.
Had them for 10 years and them still kick ass comparing to a lot of speaker system I listen to in the shops.
Pin-oops Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
THX for the :+fav: ! :)
... and THX for the Llama ! :D
... and the Watch !
wooper95 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Most welcome for Fav fella (Badge) and Llama fella (Badges) and Fella Watch (Badges) ! :D
HipolitoUribarrigoye Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I thank you very much the fav:

Nude Dryad by HipolitoUribarrigoye
wooper95 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Your most welcome, love this fantasy/nature mixed photo! :D
Posereality4 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks for the fave on Relaxing!
wooper95 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
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hey thanks for all the favs
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vampiresmile90 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey dude! Thanks for all the favs and the watch! It means a lot! :D :D cheers!
wooper95 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
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Heavy-Fantasy Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
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Peasant Elf by Heavy-Fantasy
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